RG8X Coax With M PL259 ends

RG8X Coax With M PL259 ends

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WIR38X, WIR68X, WIR98X, WIR128X, WIR188X, WIR508X,WIR1008X

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RG-8X (Premium Single)

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Product Details: 95%+ shielding rating
Quality, hand-soldered PL-259 ends
Thick, 24" diameter build
Stranded center
Available in 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 50 and 100 ft. lengths. Please see dropdown to choose correct size.
Dual PL-259 ends
Compatible with: All CB radios and mount studs that accept a PL-259 coax connection. For most uses, we recommend 18' over 9' because the longer cable is more resistant to performance and installations problems. The 9' length doesn't cause problems, but 18' lengths tend to work better when installation issues arise, which is why we recommend them.